Style non Polarity sorbent that can absorb oxygen
molecule under normal temperature and swinging
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    Application Tyical purpose
    Medicine profession  
    7 Can be used for avoiding the worm, antisepsis of the medicine. If fill the nitrogen into the package of medicament, medicine. Can keep them long period of validity
    Can used for washing the vessel, fill the Nitrogen in, and let the Oxygen rush out.
    Use the Nitrogen flow for transport the medicine.
    Drink and food line  
    6 Can be used for keeping the rice, fruit, vegetable and so forth fresh.
    Fill in the Nitrogen and rush out the Oxygen for keeping meat, coffee, bulgy and fried foods, syrup, rape oil fresh.
    Nitrogen is also the gas for depurating and laying over the bottles, wine and beer.
    6 Can used for rebirth of oil and activator. Can used for deposited the natural gas, also used in the product progress of paint, dope, chemical products, rubber and plastic products.
    Fill into kinds of storage vessel, pipe for Purgation.
    Electron Line  
    7 As protect gas of the product progress for the large-scale integrate circuit, colorized kinescope, electron element and semiconductor.
    Metal heat treatment  
    7 As protect gas of the disposal progress for Annealing, quencher then make it brightness, seep the carbon, also seep the carbon together with the nitrogen, and nitrogen intenerate。
    The others  
    7 As protect gas of the disposal and product progress of glass, aluminum. jointing of Tin and other jars,
    Can be used for avoid burst of the dust in the warehouse.
    Can be used for transport the fodder, charge in mine, drinking jar, spray jar and so forth。
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