Advantages of ShanLi Tech

Shanli carbon molecular sieve has a large output of nitrogen, low air-to-nitrogen ratio, low operating cost of nitrogen generator, low ash content, long service life, strict quality control, and high product performance stability.

There are many types of products, and we can professionally customize products with different particle diameters and different purity requirements.

Shanli Technology has a unique technical team in the domestic carbon molecular sieve industry to provide specific technical support to meet the different needs of customers. Shanli due to the independent carbon molecular sieve application laboratory:

1. Capable of testing the nitrogen performance of carbon molecular sieve at high adsorption pressure and low adsorption pressure;
2. It can simulate the nitrogen production capacity of carbon molecular sieve in industrial PSA nitrogen production equipment at different temperatures;
3. There are multiple test nitrogen generators with different valve configuration processes, which can provide test data according to different nitrogen production processes of customers;
4. The carbon molecular sieve produced by Shanli is widely used in petrochemical industry, steelmaking industry, metal heat treatment, electronic manufacturing, food preservation, marine nitrogen production and other industries.